We are a rapidly growing estate sale business with a passion for equipping our clients with the knowledge they need to feel confident in their transitions. We pride ourselves on our unmatched enthusiasm to ensure our clients end goals are met; while performing successful sales with high percentage liquidations each and every time. Not only does Poof work hard but we care about our clients. We care about where they came from, where they are going and most importantly: how they are going to get there. We have been in their shoes and we know how stressful it can be.



The most accurate piece of feedback we’ve received from a client thus far is:

“These ladies are a refreshing force in a tired industry.”

And that is exactly what we are.

About the Owners

Peggy Ruby

Client Relations and Operations

Peggy Ruby is the head of client relations and will often be the first contact you have with Poof Estate Services. Her personal experience with estate sales from the client’s perspective, after the loss of her mother in 2009, propelled her into this industry. This allows her to compassionately assess each client’s differing needs. A natural born communicator with many years of experience in operations and project management, along with a bachelor’s degree in Art History, allows her to ensure each client receives exactly what they need.

“I can honestly say that I love what I do. I collaborated on creating this company for the purpose of educating the public on estate sales and raising the standards for estate sales in Metro Detroit. I wanted clients to know that there is someone out there who has been in their shoes and truly cares. I pride myself on working hard to ensure that a very stressful transition in someone’s life is now filled with a sense of relief, leaving them ready to tackle what lies ahead.”

Allison Ruby

Head of Sales and Research

Allison Ruby has been in the industry since the age of 19 when she began working in local flea markets and different consignment shops in the Metro Detroit area. Her interest was piqued by all sorts of collectibles and this interest developed into a need for finding the right value for the right item. Whether you’re talking comic books or priceless antiques, Allison will always have a price and someone lined up to buy it.

“I’m young, I’m energetic and I’m eager to learn. These qualities fuel my drive for re-inserting the moral backbone into the estate sale industry. They allow me to utilize my age and agility to surpass my outdated competition. I know the only way for me to make a true difference in this industry is to hold myself to the moral standards I believe the clients deserve.”

Rebecca Durand

On-Site Coordination Leader

Rebecca Durand may be young but she has been influenced by the estate sale industry since the day she was born. She has been thrifty her whole life, allowing her to pair differing styles together to form a whole new look. No matter what the collection includes, she can bring the pieces together to create a unique and successful estate sale (shopping) experience. This comes in handy on-site while she is applying interior design techniques to a client’s home, ensuring an optimal and cohesive presentation. Becca prides herself on mixing this unique talent with her ability to form lasting connections with returning customers, ensuring their experience is out of this world.

“I immediately fell in love with the part of the process most overlooked; getting to know the families and the people behind the items. Hearing their stories and their needs only further ensured my need to hold high standards and morals when it came to their sales. I needed to know the homes I worked in were cared for and the items were displayed in a way that reflected a well decorated home. Only then am I given a sense of satisfaction.”