The Consultation

The first step is always a free consultation. This appointment consists of a detailed walkthrough of the home, so the best way to prepare is to simply decide what you will be taking with you. Otherwise, please do not throw anything away or donate; everything is sellable. Once we have taken a look around we will propose a commission rate for our services. This rate is determined by factors including what items are for sale, the amount of time needed to prepare the home for the sale and how much labor is involved.

Book A Consultation

The Commission

Rate: 30% – 40% of gross sale profit

We strive to keep our cost as low as possible. This means you will never see a labor fee or "additional charges" of any kind! Our commission includes everything from the initial consultation through to the end of the estate sale. Have a unique collection or items of high value? Our commission includes a wide network of appraisers we utilize to accurately price any item we may encounter!

The Sale

Typical timeline: 1 – 2 weeks

Stage 1 – Staging & Advertising

During the pre-sale stage we organize the contents of the home similar to that of a retail store. We utilize our interior design and merchandising techniques to create the ultimate shopping experience. We bring in tables, research and price all items and make sure the sale is well photographed and advertised.

Stage 2 – Selling

Once everything is priced and ready to go we run a multi-day estate sale on site. We place friendly, trusted staff throughout the home for security, place high value items near checkout, ensure customers are able to load-up their purchases and provide each person that enters the home with a great experience.

Stage 3 – Collect Your Check!

Once all services have been completed we provide you with an itemized list of all items that sold in your sale and send you a check within a few days.

Need some help after your estate sale? At the closing of your sale you can expect anywhere from 5% to 25% of your items to remain in the home. We offer an additional service to expertly cleanout your entire home. Learn more by visiting the link below.

Cleanout Service

Network of Trusted Companies

If you need more than just the sale, look no further! Poof prides itself on offering a wide network of trusted companies that can provide you with additional services you may need to prep for your transition. From the initial consultation through to the full cleanout, we utilize our wide network to ensure the entire transition is smooth and scheduled to fit your timeline. Our network includes:

  • Trusted and Certified Real Estate Agents
  • Licensed Builders
  • Trusted Home Inspectors
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Moving Companies
  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Carpet Installation
  • Home Cleaning
  • Professional House Painters