Allison Ruby
February 21, 2017

3 Easy Ways to Guarantee You Hire the Best Estate Sale Company

Hiring a contracted company can be anything but easy. How do you know they are legitimate? How do you know they aren’t just pulling your leg? This decision can be hard and it makes it even harder when that industry is full of horror stories and illegitimate business owners. By following these 3 easy tips, the process of weeding out the bad seeds will be the easiest part.

1. Read the Reviews

ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS. This is the best way to see what a company is really all about. It tells you both what customers and past clients think. It is also a great way to see if the company is owned by someone who truly cares. Does the owner respond to each review with a thank you to the good reviews and a solution and apology to the bad ones? Check them out on the companies Facebook page, Yelp page, Angie’s List, and Google. Try and find the bad reviews and see who wrote them and what caused them to write it. Was it a customer complaining about prices? Was it a client who has yet to receive payment from the company? Jot them down and always check the reviews on more than one site. You will not regret doing this extra work!

2. Ask If They are Bonded and Insured

The estate sale industry has yet to form any sort of regulatory rules. Out of all 52 states, zero of them regulate estate sale companies. There is no moral and ethical board that keeps track of who conducts good business and who does not. One thing you can do to see what companies are working hard and which are not is to ask if they are bonded and insured. This protects both you, as the client, and the company. Any smart business owner who operates estate sales for a living and does it legitimately will be both bonded and insured. If any company answers no to this question, send them out the door and do not call them back.

3. Visit One of Their Sales

A great way to choose the best estate sale company for you is to visit one of the sales they are hosting. It might be difficult to fit this into your schedule but it will be worth it. TRUST ME. This is the absolute best way to see if the company in question is up to par for what you expect for your sale. It shows how they set up, if they are clean and organized, if they are friendly and professional, and best of all, if they sell a lot of items or are hardly working to sell them. If time permits you can even plan to visit on the first day to see the full effect of their traffic and how well they display items and you can also visit on the tail end of the last day to see how much of the items they actually sell. Try and refrain from telling them you are coming to avoid the possibility of them putting on a show for you. Just be a customer and browse around the sale. Maybe even talk to them and see how friendly they are.