1. Why is Poof! hosting hybrid online estate sales?

We brought our hybrid online sales model to life in light of a global pandemic, but kept it for a multitude of positive reasons. Online estate sales grant us the ability to reach a national market and make shopping more convenient and flexible for our customers. It also allows us to accommodate the high demand of customers wanting to shop with us each weekend without creating long lines and wait times. See our online store: PoofSale.com.

2. How do I shop online?

Head to our website www.PoofSale.com to find anywhere from 50 – 300 unique items listed for purchase from each estate sale we host. You can shop 24/7 from anywhere during the active dates of our estate sale. Simply add the item to your cart, pay by credit card online, and choose a date and time for pickup from the home of the active estate sale. Items purchased from an estate sale online must be picked up during the active sale hours only. Please note: we have limited inventory. Any item can be added to multiple carts at once and can disappear from your cart if someone pays for the item before you.

3. Can I shop in person?

Yes. Every estate sale we host offers a hybrid experience meaning you can shop both online and in-person.

4. Should I bring someone to help me load my car?

Yes, please bring help. We do our best to assist customers with carrying items but are not always able to do so. It is best if you come prepared.

5. What if I am immunocompromised?

If you are immunocompromised we offer online shopping at PoofSale.com. If you have questions or need special assistance, please contact us.

6. How do I know the condition of the item before I buy it?

Each item listed on PoofSale.com will include multiple photos of the item and a brief description including measurements and any damage or imperfections.

7. How do I pay for my items?

You will pay for your items like any other online store by clicking on your ‘cart’, typing in your credit card information, and checking out. We accept all major credit cards.

8. How do I get my items once I buy them?

Once you complete your purchase you will be given the address of the home. You will need to pick your items up during the active days and hours of the estate sale.

9. Do you offer delivery services?

We do offer local delivery within a 20 mile radius of each estate sale. Simply choose the delivery option when checking out on PoofSale.com and enter your delivery details. Delivery fees depend on your location in relation to the estate sale in which the items reside.

10. Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we offer shipping on most items. If you are interested in having an item shipped to you, please contact us by phone, text, or email and we will arrange this for you. All shipping costs will be charged to the customer through invoice. Prompt payment is appreciated.

11. Do you allow returns or exchanges?

We do not accept returns.  All products listed in our store go through a rigorous quality check before we list them so we can guarantee their condition.

12. What are the sale hours?

Our sale hours are listed on all of our estate sale listings, they are usually between 10:00am and 4:00pm Tuesday through Friday. Please make sure you pay attention to our sale dates and times so you can arrange for item pick up when we are actively at the home.

13. When does online shopping begin?

PoofSale.com goes live one day early before the first day of every estate sale. Shopping continues 24/7 until the estate sale ends.

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