1. I have never been to an estate sale, what can I expect?

We love welcoming new shoppers to the estate sale world! For this reason we have created this “Estate Sales 101” ebook to share a bit about the industry and have written this blog “How to Shop an Estate Sale”. We also offer online shopping. Check out our website here.
Have more questions? Always feel free to call or email us and we would be happy to help!

2. What are Street Numbers?

Street Numbers are a number system in which customers can keep track of the order in which they have arrived at the home, and in turn, the order in which they will be admitted into the sale. The first customer to arrive at the home will begin the number process on a notepad, sticky note, etc. and will proceed to hand out individual numbers to each customer who arrives after them. That first customer is considered number one – the first person who can enter the sale and each customer following will then line up according to their number. Shortly before the sale opens, the customers line up and these numbers will be handed to our designated staff member at the door to ensure all customers have lined up appropriately. On average, we can accommodate 20 to 30 customers at one time. Don’t want to wait in line? Head to www.PoofSale.com to shop the sale online!

Want more information about shopping estate sales? Check out our Blog “How to Shop an Estate Sale”. Or our Ebook “Estate Sales 101”.

3. Where do I purchase items online?

Head to our website www.PoofSale.com to find anywhere from 50 – 300 unique items listed for purchase from each estate sale we host. You can shop 24/7 from anywhere during the active dates of our estate sale. Simply add the item to your cart, pay by credit card online, and choose a date and time for pickup from the home of the active estate sale. Please keep in mind that items purchased from an estate sale online must be picked up during the active sale hours only.

4. Do the items listed on PoofSale.com get discounted?

Yes! Every discount we offer in-person is also offered on PoofSale.com. The discount comes in the form of a discount code that you apply at checkout. These discount codes get released through email – sign up here to receive these alerts. Once you have applied the discount code it will automatically reflect in your total.

5. Does your online shopping have a different start time?

Yes. Our private website PoofSale.com goes live on the first day of every estate sale we host at 9am. The in-person shopping for each of our sales begins at 10am. This allows our staff to be able to gather all online orders before our in-person customers arrive. PoofSale.com is available to everyone nationwide.

6. Can I buy items over the phone?

Yes. If you see something you like text or email us. If it is still available we will contact you for payment and to arrange pick up. All phone calls will be handled as quickly as possible in the order they are received. Please feel free to leave a voicemail but know that due to high call volume, your call may not be returned. or your call will not be returned.

7. Do you usually have a line to get in on the first day?

Yes. Most of our estate sales are fairly busy, especially on the first day. Please be prepared to arrive early and dress appropriately for the current weather conditions. Don’t want to wait in line? Head to www.PoofSale.com to shop the sale online!

8. How do I line up for your sales?

We utilize a system called street numbers which is handled by the customers who attend our sales. Please see question #2 “What are Street Numbers?” above.

9. Do you have a restroom I can use?

We do not have restrooms available to the public at our sales. We do ask that you come prepared. If you experience long wait times to get into the sales, we will provide a holding shelf for items of interest if you need to leave and come back.  We are always working on behalf of our client and our goal is to maintain the integrity of their home at all times.

10. Do you accept returns?

We only accept returns on electronics. These returns must be completed before the closing of that particular estate sale and the merchandise must be returned. All other items should be carefully inspected by our customers before purchasing as we do not accept returns.

11. Do you offer bulk discounts?

We assess bulk discounting on a case by case basis. If you are interested in purchasing items in bulk, we would love to learn more. Please contact us.

12. Do you entertain offers?

Yes. We encourage our customers to share their offers while they are shopping the sale with one of our staff members. We can let you know right away if your offer is accepted.

13. If I like an item from a photo on estatesales.net, how do I contact you for a price?

Text us at [primary-phone-1] or email us at [primary-email-1]. All phone calls will be handled as quickly as possible in the order they are received. Please feel free to leave a voicemail but know that due to high call volume, your call may not be returned prior to the start of the sale.

14. Do you have a frequent shopper program or loyalty program?

Not at this time, but if you sign up for our email list you can stay up to date on when these types of programs will become available. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

15. Where do I park to attend the sale?

All parking will be clearly labeled near the home. It is usually limited to one side of the street so please obey the No Parking signs issued by our company or the city. For more detailed rules, please read our estate sale listing either on our “Upcoming Sales” page for the event you are looking to attend or our listing on estatesales.net.

16. Do you provide help with carrying large items?

We do have staff available at each sale to assist in carrying light items to vehicles if needed. The main role of our staff is to ensure the home is protected, prevent theft, and sell merchandise. For this reason we ask that you bring assistance for any large items such as  appliances, sofas, mattresses, large cabinets, etc. If you are unable to bring assistance, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.

17. Can I use a credit card to purchase items?

Yes. We accept all credit cards and we do not charge a fee.

18. Is there a fee associated with credit card purchases?

No. There are no fees and we accept all credit cards.

19. Do you discount items?

Yes. We discount items after the first day of the estate sale. The discounts are posted online at the end of each sale day and emailed to our exclusive email list – join here. Any details about those discounts are also posted at that time. We also accept and encourage offers.

20. How do you usually price your items?

We strive to price our items below retail. If you see something you would like, but you do not agree with the price, please feel free to alert a staff member and share your research.

21. Do you pre-sell items?

No, we do not offer pre-sales but we do urge our customers to inquire about items by texting or emailing us. If you are not able to attend the sale during the sale hours and you are interested in an item at the price marked, we offer the option of over the phone purchases. All inquiries are always responded to in the order they were received.

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