Our mission is to create a stress free estate sale experience for each client we represent.

We equip you with the knowledge and guidance you need to feel confident throughout any major life transition. Our expertise in research, valuation, management, merchandising, marketing, and selling are unmatched by our competitors and ensure a successful estate sale experience each and every time.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Our Company Benefits

Our Team is Fully Trained

We have a Certified Appraiser working with Poof! full time and each Poof! team member is trained and educated on our proven process. We want to provide the highest level of service to our clients and the only way to do that is to ensure we never utilize inexperienced individuals to staff our estate sales.

We Never Skimp on Advertising

Our comprehensive and detailed approach to advertising ensures that every item in your home is shared with our customers so we can find the right buyer. We do not believe in the traditional limited approach of only focusing on the big ticket items.

We Have The Connections You Need

We work directly with several local and national auctions houses to make sure your items get the attention they deserve. Some examples of items we can help you with include fine art, designer goods, fine jewelry, vehicles, and more. This perk comes free with our services.

Our Photography is Top Notch

The items in your home deserve to look just as beautiful and eye-catching online as they do in person. We photograph the entire home with a professional camera because we believe that blurry phone pictures just aren’t good enough. See how we photograph here.

We Use Tailored Interior Design Principles

The photography will bring the shoppers into the home but we want to “wow” them once they arrive. Our expert visual merchandising techniques ensure that our customers enjoy shopping the space, your home is presented well to the community, and items of importance are showcased appropriately.

Online Sales Benefits

Customers Can Shop 24/7!

With business hours no longer limited to hours of operation more of your items have the opportunity to sell AND there is no longer competition with other sales in your area.

Less Foot Traffic in Your Home

Your home stays protected with less wear and tear on the floors and doors. Plus, no worry about theft! With no customers left on their own, none of your items can be stolen.

No Customer Limits

There is no limit to how many customers can shop at one time. Rather than waiting in line, and potentially losing serious buyers, an unlimited amount of customers can shop all at once! 

Neighborhood Friendly Experience

You don’t have to worry about parking control, damage to neighbors lawns, or complaints from neighbors.

More Cost Effective Clean Out Service

Donations are predetermined and set aside ahead of time!

Our Recognition

Poof! Estate Services is a member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators (ASEL) and has been awarded the Service Excellence Seal. Poof! founders attend the annual National Estate Sales Conference for the industries current trends and are 2018 and 2019 Best of Ferndale award winners.

Learn More About Our Estate Sale Process

Whether you are a long time collector of antique items or have a home of recently purchased designer furniture, we can help you.

Our Proven Process

Ready to Work Together?

Whether you’re in the early sorting stage or ready to book your estate sale we would love to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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