Not every home has a unique collection, luxury goods, or designer items, but when they do, an estate sale can offer a unique and lucrative opportunity to liquidate them. Achieving success requires meticulous planning and a well-connected approach. Here’s how Poof! maximizes your results when selling high-end items.

Up close photo of silverware on black velvet

We Focus on Details

Selling items of high value requires careful attention to detail. We ensure that each item is thoroughly examined, cleaned, and properly presented. We take high-resolution, professional photos and we make sure to create accurate and well thought out descriptions for our online listings so shoppers can feel confident when making a purchase.

We Have a National Reach and Buyer Connections

While local connections are crucial for a high rate of liquidation, expanding our reach nationally has lead to our continued success and ability to obtain higher prices for our clients’ more valuable pieces. We have spent years building relationships with high-end and luxury buyers so you can be sure your estate sale will be a success.

We Have Connections to Auction Houses

Collaborating with auction houses adds an extra layer to our estate sales by allowing particular valuables the ability to sell individually at auction. The auction houses we partner with have established networks of collectors and buyers who actively seek unique luxury items.

We Are Certified Appraisers

We have several certified appraisers on staff and have connected with experts across all fields. This access enables us to stay current in fair market value and to accurately determine the value of each piece, ensuring that we do not undervalue or overvalue any item. Well-researched prices attract serious buyers and ensure your items are purchased for top dollar.

We Have a Robust Online and Social Media Presence

Marketing with street signs on the side of the road is a thing of the past. Attracting serious buyers means targeted marketing, not a shot in the dark, and is one of the most important aspects of selling any luxury or high value item. We professionally promote your estate sale on several platforms and to thousands of private buyers. We create visually appealing content that highlights your items making them irresistible.

Selling luxury items at an estate sale requires a blend of attention to detail, strategic networking, and effective marketing. By focusing on these key aspects, leveraging our connections, reaching a national audience, and partnering with auction houses, you can be sure your estate sale will be the most successful it can be.