We began the daunting task of going through my parents’ home 3 months prior to Poof coming in. The house, once a spotless, neat, organized home, had been turned into what it would look like post-tornado.

We interviewed 3 companies in total, and Poof was a glaring standout. Their energy, poise, professionalism, and no sign of the jaded industry attitude absolutely mesmerized us!!! 3 days prior to the sale, they walked in and within 12 hours of their arrival, my father and I stopped by to find the house had been transformed into a beautiful showcase, our jaws dropped! Poof worked diligently to have what needed to be appraised priced appropriately, priced each and every item to sell, they did not miss a beat! They found such creative ways to advertise the sale, besides the norm, like collector forums and such to highlight certain groupings of items.

During the estate sale, these ladies went above and beyond to stay on top of everything, even texting to confirm offers on some more valuable items. Professional merchandisers, it was remarkable to note that the rooms were continuously being straightened up; there was never a pile, a mess, nothing off of a hanger! During the sale, we checked in each night to find the house had been brilliantly re-staged to make each room look fresh and interesting; accommodating for all that had been sold.

Not only were they responsible for a wildly successful sale at my parents’ home, but that was not all. Prior to the sale, we had a bunch of garbage that had to be taken out, they took care of it. Poof found a ring, a family heirloom that had been misplaced during our packing, and they immediately alerted us; instinctively knowing it was not part of the sale. Poof also arranged, at our request, for a charity to come in post-sale and on that date they were there with boxes, tape and worked with sheer speed to make sure all got hauled away. Lastly, when there were a few very large items (75+ gallon fish tanks) that the charity decided not to take, Poof hauled them out to the porch and posted an ad: first come, first serve, no charge to the lucky recipient. Sure enough, the tanks were gone within hours. The house was left spotless. I give Poof the highest recommendation. These ladies are a refreshing force in a tired industry – HIRE THEM, YOU WILL BE OVERJOYED WITH THE RESULTS!