We highly recommend Poof Estate Services for many reasons. Every associate is professional, congenial, knowledgeable and truly wants your sale to go well. They were all people you were happy to have in your home. Poof is very well connected to collectors, dealers and buyers of the myriad of things we had to sell. Their marketing and online sales models are superbly targeted to getting people to your door. The owners (sisters) are very approachable with regard to questions or concerns about process or specific items. They provide a timeline and plan well before your sale so you know exactly what will happen and when. Poof also marks all of your items with price tags thus reducing customer frustration. They left our house clean and unharmed. We did very well in our sale but if we had not, it would have been due to our items not Poof Estate Services. Excellent experience! Thank you to everyone at Poof Estate Services!!!!