Allison Ruby
August 7, 2017

Preparing for an Estate Sale Consultation

Thinking about having an estate sale but are unsure how to prepare the home for interviewing companies? Here are some simple tips to ensure you and the home are ready.

No Need To…

No need to donate anything – We recommend that you always begin the process by simply deciding what you and others would like to keep. While sorting, don’t worry about what should be donated or tossed. We will do that for you! If it has a chance to sell, you should keep it around because donation will always happen at the end during the clean-out process.

No need to organize – It might seem helpful to organize a linen closet or kitchen before hiring an estate sale company. What you may not know is that we use strategic interior design techniques to stylize and re-organize the home to make sure the space is ready and appealing to the public. Aside from this, your time is valuable during this process and shouldn’t be spent doing what you are hiring a service to do for you.

No need to group like by like – Since we move everything around and place it strategically throughout the home, there is no need to group items. Moving all the picture frames to one room, the pillows to another, and piling up the kitchen with goodies found in the basement so we don’t miss them is not necessary. We make sure to assess each space in the home and go through each area thoroughly. We then create themes and stage strategically in each room to add visual appeal and a flow to enhance the customers shopping experience. We take care of all of these steps and we are trained in doing so.

Please Do…

Do feel free to remove rubbish – Although any good company takes care of this step for you, if you are 100% certain it should be thrown away, go ahead and toss it. Use your best judgement but please hesitate from tossing away gently used household items. This means household cleaners, unopened and non-expired food, gently used clothing (even if it looks like no one would ever wear it), etc.

Need a bit more direction? Click here to take a look at this blog for more information on items commonly recycled.

Do remove personal itemsOne important part of the estate sale process for you is making sure personal items are removed from the home. This means checkbooks, tax documents, family photos etc. Don’t worry however if you miss something. When we come across an old heirloom or some photos and expired credit cards, we make sure to put them aside for you. We just want to make sure you have what is rightfully yours.

Do know which items are NOT for saleMake sure you and your family members have all gotten what they need out of the home or at least have a general knowledge of what will be leaving and not included in the estate sale. Tagging the items with sticky notes or blue painters tape is always a good idea and will give the company a visual on what to expect for the estate sale.

Do download our checklist – Now that you know how to prepare, it is time to start looking for a company. We have a FREE checklist for you to download that will help you through the interview process. Download it on our Home Page or by clicking here.

Do hire the best company – Think you have the company in mind that suits your needs? Check out our other blog “3 Easy Ways To Guarantee You Hire The Best Estate Sale Company”. It is our goal to coach you through the estate sale process to make sure that you are as successful as possible.

Do relax – The company you hire should tell you from day one to not lift a finger. Don’t clean up or organize like stated above. Think about why you hired a company in the first place. To do the work for you. It’s time to take a minute away from this stressful transition and let the professionals step in to take care of it.

Ready to Work Together?

Whether you’re in the early sorting stage or ready to book your estate sale we would love to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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