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We invite you to join us for another great estate sale in Bloomfield Hills!

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Inside this beautiful 5000 sqft Bloomfield Hills home, you will find an entire main floor, an upper level, a basement and a garage filled to the brim with tons of great stuff! With everything in working order and in great condition you are bound to leave with something you love.

Here at Poof, we stand out with our ability to offer an estate sale experience you won’t soon forget! We believe in creating a friendly shopping environment in which you can enjoy competitive prices and ask all the questions your heart desires! We help you find what you are looking for with style.

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Please obey all no parking signs and limit parking to one side of the street. Please avoid parking in front of mailboxes and fire hydrants. No parking in the driveway. For loading only!

This sale is very full but due to city restrictions we are only allowed 2 days to liquidate! In light of this, we will be running the sale from 8:30am to 3:00pm both days! Also, ALL BULK BUYERS ARE WELCOME AND WE WILL BE DEALING ON DAY ONE. Come prepared to buy!

Cash out/Entrance: 1977 made in Hong Kong Chewbacca figurine, C-3PO 1977 made in Hong Kong figurine, Luke skywalker 1977 made in Hong Kong figurine, storm trooper 1977 made in Hong Kong figurine, Darth Vader 1977 made in Hong Kong figurine, 1980s made in Hong Kong Star Wars figurines, Matchbox King Size K-8 Prime Mover & Transporter with Caterpillar tractor W/Box, The Lord of the Rings trilogy J.R.R. Tolkien book set (Fellowship of the Ring UK first editions), Detroit telephone directory 1962, Throy by Jack Vance unopened and autographed, Ruger 10/22 carbine, Winchester model 1200 shotgun, Winchester model 94, Flite King model K1200, vintage Seiko automatic diver watch, vintage Gruen chrono-timer watch, Sheaffer fountain pens, The Super Egg Brass sculpture/stress relief ball by Piet Hein, Hermes 1789 Liberte Egalite Fraternite silk scarf, Cartier sterling vermouth dropper watering can, Webster sterling baby rattles, military bar pins, signed “craft” clipon earrings, Michigan Union screw back pins, Thai sterling coffee spoons, parker cut. co. little mustang knife, pocket knives, esq. capade by joni earrings, baroness 14k gold chain, Christian Dior textured rope and faux pearl necklace, 14k gold cuff links, mileage drum chariot cast, Oakley sunglasses, War ration books with stamps, Leonard Wintorowski oil painting Polish Lancers, 2 Drexel Et Cetera oriental style lighted curio cabinets, 2 Permacraft oriental style side cabinets, Ello Italian Travertine marble pedestal glass top table, LaBarge Italian pagoda wall mirror, blue and white ceramic vases made in China (2), watercolor framed signed painting of panda with baby, Mann Persian hunter decorative bowl, Apollo Orfevrerie stainless steel knife rests set of 12 with satin lined case, tall decorative ceramic vase made in Japan, Japanese vase with wood lid and base/stand, terra cotta Chinese warrior figurines (3), red & orange Japanese large decorative bowl, intricate carved cork Asian framed shadow box, vintage Arnart serving set in wood box 7 pieces, Mann Persian hunter vase, Andrea by Sadek peacock ginger jar, Mann Persian hunter ginger jar, large carved Mahogany elephant, Sciencecraft mineralogy outfit no. 510, polaroid print copier model 240, Sheaffer PFM I fountain pen, Sheaffer PFM IV white dot gold and burgundy snorkel 14k nib fountain pen

Office: McIntosh C 28 stereophonic preamplifier, McIntosh Mr77 FM tuner, McIntosh mc2105, Boehm African rhino figurine, mod evolution of man smoke glass tray, Atomium 1958 World’s Fair Brussels Belgium Atomic Paper Weight, Coles Germany chicken egg slicer, Antique Vintage Collectible Footed Brass Candle Wick Cutter Snuffer Trimmer, Vintage Schiotz Tonometer-Jewel Type-All Stainless Steel, John Aynsley baby bull elephant, carved bone elephant letter opener, Josef Lorenzl and green onyx pen holder, large model ships, Vintage Ronson Varaflame Valiant Lighter, Vintage Antique Keystone Model 40 Eye Comfort Stereoscope viewer, Hickory chair leather Chesterfield sofa, Hickory chair tufted chesterfield desk chair, Sligh furniture faux leather top desk, classic leather chair and ottoman, ardmore bookcase, Merck Sharp & Dohme anatomical knee joint model, Ericofon North Electric Co vintage rotary phone, Ketchem and McDougall Inc Bulletin Ball, leather coasters, apothecary wooden studded mortar and pestle, vintage leather doctor’s bag, Argus Pre-viewer, Raynox 2x Telephoto Camcorder lens, Sony Solid State TFM-8100w, Vidicraft VCR Image Enhancer and Detailer, Vidicraft Proc Amp, Sony cd/dvd player DVP-S360, Sony Remote Control Unit RM-580, Sony U-Matic Videocassette Recorder V0-5800,Olson Solid State Mike Mixer RA-345, Realistic SCT-86 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck, Realistic Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone, Digiguide Digital Thermometer, Devoe Artist’s Materials paints, Monet: A Portfolio of Six Works, Canon Typestar 7, HP Officejet 6110xi all-in-one, Yahama R-V703, Yamaha Disk Recorder EMQ-1, Wittner Taktell Super Mini, Claire Fejes Retrospective

Books In Office: Astounding stories Easton Press set of 3, 80+ Franklin Library leather bound books,   The Superhero Women by Stan Lee, Shazam from the 40s to the 70s, Secret origins of the super DC heroes, The Steranko History of comics 2, Amateur craftsman’s cyclopedia of things to make, Life’s picture history of World War II, Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator, 3 With one magic word Shazam 1973, 2 Batman year one 1988 by Frank Miller, Batman The dark knight returns frank miller 1986, The complete frank miller batman, 1989 Tales of the dark knight, 1970 Mandrake the magician, The Life and hard times of little orphan annie harold gray, 2 Steve Canyon Milton Caniff’s, Milton Caniff’s books, Mein Kampf 1962 soft cover, Atlas of Anatomy 1943, 5 Gil Thorp books, Richard Halliburton’s complete Book of Marvels, Four years in paradise Osa Johnson (no dust jacket), 1941 Science for the citizen Lancelot Hogben, Detroit is my own Hometown Malcolm Bingay 1946, The magazine of Fantasy Fall 1949, The encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Principles of surgery Syme’s Second edition 1841, 1932 Number ten joy street, Father Tuck’s annual, Blackie’s Children’s annual 34th year, Cruisin the original Woodward Avenue, Manola company visiting list 1936, Aequanimitas with other addresses Osler 1932, Physiology of motion Duchenne 1949, Rascals at large 1971, Polks shipyard booklets, Porsche complete owners handbook 1960, Greyhounds of the sea 1930, The Hobbit an illustrated edition, Starstruck graphic novel, Women in the comics 1977 Maurice Horn, Walt Kelly’s Pogo set of 5 first printing books, De La Ree book set of 10 (Virgil Finlay), The seafarers time life book set, Green Hornet Strikes!, Mickey House Runs His Own Newspaper, Mickey Mouse On Sky Island, Ghost Avenger, The Phantom and the Girl of Mystery, Flash Gordon and the Power Men of Mongo, Skeezix at the Military Academy, Inspector Wade of Scotland Yard, Flash Gordon and the Witch Queen of Mongo, Mickey Mouse in the Treasure Hunt, Terry and the Pirates; Shipwrecked on a Desert Island, Maximo the Amazing Super Man, Dan Dunn: Secret Operative 48 and the Border Smugglers, Tim Tyler’s Luck: Adventures in the Ivory Patrol, Tom Mix in the Range War, Tom Mix and the Hoard of Montezuma, Maximo the Amazing Superman and the Crystals of Doom, Clyde Beatty Daredevil Lion and Tiger Tamer, Tailspin Tommy and the Lost Transport, Buck Rogers: 25th Century AD, Smilin Jack: Wings Over the Pacific, Tailspin Timmy and the Island in the Sky, Tiny Tim and the Mechanical Men, Jack Armstrong and the Mystery of the Iron Key, Tailspin Tommy and the Sky Bandits, Brick Bradford with Brocco the Modern Buccaneer, The Story of Charlie McCarthy and the Edgar Bergen, Don Winslow of the Navy vs the Scorpion Gang, Mad magazines, Classics Illustrated magazines, Isaac Asimov: Fantastic Voyage, Before the Golden Age, The Earth is Room Enough, The Early Asimov Book Club Edition, The Hugo Winners, Nightfall and other stories, Nine Tomorrows, Anna Seawell’s Black Beauty, Piers Anthony: Omnivore, Orn, L Ron Hubbard 1st ed no dust cover Triton and Battle of Wizards, Typewriter in the Sky 1st ed, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Modern Library 1946 Hardcover, Of Me I Sing, Malcolm W. Bingay, signed Hardcover, John Blaine, The Rocket’s Shadow and 100 Fathoms Under, Aviation Stories for Boys, Ray Bradbury: Twice 22, The Illustrated Man, I Sing the Body Electric, Clifford D Simak: Way Station, Time is the Simplest Thing, Best Science Fiction Stories, John Bruner Stand on Zanzibar BCE, Fred Hoyle and John Elliot: A for Adromeda, Fred Hoyle: Ossian’s Ride, Edgar Rice Burroughs The man who created Tarzan, The beginnings of monkey first edition 1985, Watership down 1972, J.R.R. Tolkien The Silmarillion first American edition 1977, Genus homo first edition 1950, 1955 University of Michigan yearbook, The Killing Machine Jack Vance sealed, The palace of love Jack Vance, The book of dreams Jack Vance, A doctor of the old school Ian Maclaren, Atlas of the commoner skin diseases, Brian Innes Book of Spies, Tundra 1930 The Edingtons, When a man comes to himself Woodrow Wilson, An atlas of anatomy second edition, The man who pretended Maxwell first edition, Doorways to space Basil Wells first edition (no dust jacket), Planets of Adventure Basil Wells 1949 (no dust jacket), Gray’s anatomy goss twenty-fifth edition, Lord of Light Roger Zelazny, The World of a A.E. van Vogt, The World of a A.E. van Vogt 1948 (no dust jacket), Poor Cecco 1925, Planet of adventure Jack Vance, Lost continents L. Sprague de Camp first edition, Malcolm Bingay Of me I sing signed and limited, Esar’s comic dictionary first edition, The modern handy book for boys, Boys fun book 1945, The Air Force 2002 large leather book, The book of Alien Paul Scanlon, Heavy Metal presents Alien book, When the five moons rise Jack Vance first edition, Eye of cat Roger Zelazny, Araminta Station Jack Vance 1988, Green Magic Jack Vance signed and numbered, The eyes of the overworld jack vance 1977 signed, Chateau d’if and other stories jack vance first edition, The bird of time Wallace West first edition, Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book,Mother West Wind “Where” Stories, Filippo The Jongleur, Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol, Uncle Wiggily’s Air Ship, Blackie A Lost Cat, The Crock of Gold, The Three Mulla-Mulgars, Aces Up, The Little Black Hen, Dune BCE, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, The Face in the Abyss by A. Merritt, Return to Centaur, Spacehawk, Elf Quest Book 1, Jeff Jones Idyl, I Rick Griffin FE, Masters of Comic Book Art, Colorvision FE, Sentinel FE, The Studi FE, Superheroes Joe Kubert’s Wonderful World of Comics, Mirage FE, Masterpieces of Science Fiction, Sorcerers

Den/Front Room: Oriental style mid-century coffee table, oriental style console table, 2 Henredon mid-century floral sofas, antique French sévres pedestal table, small rattan side table, Chinese Chippendale style chairs, Persian accent rug (3’ x 5’)

Living Room: Very Rare Royal Doulton large Figure Indian Brave on Horseback HN2376, vintage gold leaf punch bowl, Smoke glass mid century decanter, agate ashtray, tonala bird decanter, Tonala bird bottle jug, vintage abalone footed shell dish,  Lladro Porcelain Figurine Shepherdess With Goats, Lladro boy and girl with candle, Lladro shepherdess girl holding lamb matte finish, Lladro “CLOSING SCENE” Figurine, Ballerina and Jester, # 4935, Lladro skipping girl with flower basket and puppy, Lladro the gossips, Lladro geisha arranging flowers, henredon wingback chair, vintage Drexel heritage folding podium / book stand, and table, custom ceramic table lamp, vintage coffee table, Pier 1 Imports mosaic tile top end table, 2 henredon Walnut bookcases, Baker marble top credenza, accent rug

Dining Room/Kitchen: Assorted crystal goblets including white wine, red wine, water & champagne; clear glass milk carafes, small & large trifle/compote dishes, marble lazy Suzy cake stand w/ glass dome, assorted sizes Pillivuyt & Apilco white ceramic souffle dishes, Apilco 8″ white ceramic tart pan, vintage Chez Maxim’s Paris France paper menu, vintage Hostellerie de la Posted Avalon France paper menu w/ special recipe insert, vintage 1967 Versailles Le Chateau au siècle de Louis XIV paper menu, Fitz & Floyd Nevaeh white creamer, Ecoware Catania white vitrified porcelain salad plates set of 8, set of 4 porcelain cheese markers,  Apilco white porcelain gratin dish w/ handles, Apilco large white oval baking dish, Coq au vin linen apron, white porcelain seashell handled seafood forks, Pillivuyt white porcelain oyster plates set of 6, Browne white porcelain escargot dishes with handles set of 4, Carerra marble lazy Susan cake stand with wood base and glass dome,  Apilco 9×13 white porcelain baking dish, Apilco 3″ white porcelain ramekins, white porcelain fluted ring cake pan, Chantal white quiche dish, vintage Imperial Candlewick tall cake stand, Vitrock “Little No Peep” divided dish, Dept 56 white rectangular ceramic woven basket made in Italy, Andrea by Sadek red cardinal creamer, Johann Haviland Bavaria US Army bowl, vintage Rowoco 10.5″ wood rolling pin made in Canada, large 18″x6″ white rectangular serving platter, Johann Haviland ceramic US Army bowl, Imperial Candlewick clear glass beaded fan vase, clear glass mini pitcher, vintage Vitantonio round pizza platter, vintage Hôtel Adriatic Nice France ashtray, “H” monogrammed glass block wine stopper, Tracy Flickinger bon appetite appetizer plates set of 3, Pier One made in Italy hand painted dinner plates set of 8, Bella Casa by Ganz baguette, fromage & bon appetit small plates set of 3, Revol J84 les fromages de France platter, vintage cut crystal large pitcher, hand blown clear glass gravy pitcher, I. Go diner & Co. Shell pattern bread plates set of 4, I. Godinger & Co. rooster print small plates set of 4, vintage blue and white china wasabi bowls, blue and white china soy sauce bowls, blue and white china rice bowl, vintage Spode Clifton blue and white floral teapot, vintage Spode Clifton blue and white floral creamer, Tortola BVI mini spoons set of 6, Canada mini spoon, blue & white china accents mini spoon, T&V Limoges sugar bowl, Nippon blue floral salt & pepper set, R&S Germany blue floral sugar bowl with lid, Wedgwood University of Michigan Presidents house flow blue plate, Century by Salem 23 k gold accented dinner plate, cobalt blue stemmed water glasses set of 7, Noritake Nippon blue floral teapot coaster, Royal Copenhagen Mother’s Day plate 1978, Grey Goose frosted martini glass with marbled blue base, Bing & Grøndahl Danbury Mint Currier & Ives plate collection set of 12, large etched crystal salad bowl with 8 small salad bowls, vintage Woody Woodpecker cereal spoon, Vintage Dennis the Menace spoon, vintage Charlie McCarthy spoon, vintage Mickey Mouse spoon, vintage KLM Bols Blue Delft miniature houses liquor bottles set of 6,  vintage Signature coffee urn, vintage milk glass brown medallion coffee mugs (2), Vintage embroidered floral tea towels set of 6, square white ceramic rectangular serving bowl with grape details made in Italy, vintage pink milk glass sundae glass, vintage green milk glass sundae glass, vintage Douro copper whistling teapot made in Portugal, vintage syrup dispenser with asterisk print, 2 burner stereo raised warming plate with copper burners and covers, vintage Milbern creations rectangular tray with wood base, vintage orange carnival glass footed candy dish, small bird and flower pottery pitcher, Indiana green glass frosted footed bowl, Danish style wood salad serving spoons set, Real English ironstone WM Adams and sons minuet dinner plates set of 6, Real English ironstone WM Adams and sons Minuet large platter, vintage clear glass cocktail servers with black button tops, vintage brown and yellow splattered wine goblets, vintage Russell Wright Steubenville Chartreuse lug bowl, vintage Russell Wright Steubenville chartreuse bread plates set of 4, vintage Russell Wright Steubenville chartreuse large square platter, vintage teak double boiler fondue pot set, teak handled fondue forks set of 6, pink Depression glass floral embossed trays (2), Wooden Peppermill with metal grinder, tall wooden salt shaker, vintage Pyrex 2L/2qt lemonade pitcher with original lid, vintage mcm teak handled stainless steel salad serving set, vintage Pyrex primary colors mixing bowls set of 4: 401, 402, 403, 404; Minton marlow preserves pot with lid, Hammered brass bottle stopper with large cork, mini beer stein, vintage Pyrex turquoise 471 casserole with lid, Vintage Crystal cake plate with frosted glass handles, Sunbeam two slice toaster, Krups white 12 cup coffee maker, Royal Doulton Bunnykins plate 8”, antique glass and silver carafe with warming base, Royal Worcester egg coddling cups with birds (2), Crate and barrel ceramic floral teapot, Crate & Barrel ceramic floral sugar bowl with lid, Crate and Barrel ceramic floral serving tray, various floral designs de P. Dussault ceramic wine goblets, footed silver plated divided serving tray with 2 lids, silver plated butter dish with lid, Win Schuler crock made in USA, Mastering the art of French cooking byJulia child cookbook 1961 first edition, real shell napkin rings made in Thailand set of 8, Cali ceramic salsa and chips platter with 3D peppers, Pier One papier-mâché  painted fish tray, Mexican folk art ceramic candelabra with birds and flowers, Sheffield silver round tray, Irvinware three tired silver serving tray, acrylic cookbook holder, woven oval placemats set of 8, Benedict oval silver dish with lid 307, WM A Rogers 3634 silver plate on copper jam server with 12 spoons, cut glass decanter with silver spout, IFS limited silverplated casserole holder with lid and Pyrex 024 dish, Woodford Reserve martini glass, silver plated casserole holder with lid & FireKing glass dish, vintage gold printed hi ball glasses with carrier set of 7,  Rabbit corkscrew set with case, huge enamelware lobster pot, vintage claw lobster crackers (2), Tag made in Spain translucent green glass bowls set of 4, pinched handle clear glass pitcher, Mikasa Prisma ivory plastic silverware set of 34, St Charles silvercloth silverware organizer, Reed and Barton 185 Jamestown silver plated bowl, Inox Italy cake/pie servers, Inox Italy ivory plastic cake forks set of 12, Gerben Snickersnee knives set of 3, vintage glass swizzle sticks w/ frosted doves set of 6, long dark wood bread board, long blonde wood bread board, footed etched stripes small rectangular tray, vintage green and gold chip and dip with wood handles, wood lazy Susan with 4 condiment dishes and bowl, vintage harmonica swizzle sticks set of 8, assorted vintage cocktail stirrers, striped wood carving board with rim, Large textured glass footed bowl, vintage Leonard ice bucket, claw ice tongs, Ricci Argentieri spreader knives set of 4, large fish cutting board with pewter head & tail, vintage large wood salad bowl with matching serving set, stainless asparagus steaming pot with lid, vintage stainless whistling teapot, vintage Aladdin Stanley thermos, vintage Le Creuset yellow/orange Dutch oven, vintage Le Creuset large yellow/orange sauce pot with spout and lid (broken knob), vintage Le Creuset large yellow/orange gratin dish with handles, vintage Le Creuset yellow/orange small covered casserole dish, vintage Le Creuset very small yellow/orange saucepan with spout, J & C Bavaria iridescent beige and black set of 5 saucers, 4 teacups, 6 bread plates, sugar bowl with lid, and 2 pairs of salt and pepper shakers, Pickard Christmas plates years 1976, 1977, & 1981, vintage ceramic rooster pitcher, 222 fifth Villa Tuscana three section dish, Apple Lane by Nagengast 8183 signed pottery pitcher, multicolored corded napkin ring set of 6, large gold plastic chargers set of 10, vintage gold Pyrex French press coffeemaker, vintage Henredon walnut dining table, set of 6 vintage Henredon walnut dining chairs, 2 vintage Henredon dry bars, area rug

Upstairs Hallway: Effanbee Dolls: John Wayne ‘Symbol of the West’, W.C. Fields Centennial, Hattie Holiday Christmas, Halloween, and July 4th, Mae West, Grandes Dames Carnegie Hall, The Age of Elegance Collection Westminster Cathedral, Monique, GiGi Dolls: Grand-mere, Femme Fatale, MaMa, Ingenue, Madame Alexander Dolls: Lucinda, Renoir, First Ladies: Julia Tyler, Mimi, Martha Johnson Patterson, Rebecca, Pinkie, Scarlett, Red Riding Hood, Betsy Ross, Madame Alexander Ballerina, Gone with the Wind, Carmen, Juliet, Isolde, Snow White, Fairy Godmother, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Salome, Cinderella, Heidi, Alice, Goldilocks, Romeo, Napoleon, Cleopatra, Antony, little Lord Fauntleroy, Rhett, Miss Muffet, Gretel, Mary Mary, Bo Peep, Hansel, Papa’s Pet, Pinocchio, The Wonderful World of Dolls: Argentina, Royal Doulton Winter, Big Sister, Annie and Her Dog Sandy, First Ladies: Frances Cleveland, Lucretia Garfield, Dooley Madison, Martha Randolph, Abigail Adams, Mary McElroy, Betty Talyor Bliss, Caroline Harrison, Jane Findlay, Mary McKee, Lucy Hayes, Martha Washington, Mary Todd Lincoln, Angelica Van Buren, Harriet Lane, Sarah Jackson, Louisa Adams, Abigail Fillmore, Elizabeth Monroe, Julia Grant, Sarah Polk, Jane Pierce, Madame Alexander’s International Doll Series: Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Great Britain, Finland, Spain, United States, Greece, Swiss, Turkey, Hungary, Japan, Indonesia, Belgium, Italy, India, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Scottish, France, Poland, Thailand, Egypt, Sweden, Shirley Temple Doll Collection, Costume Dolls by Peggy Nisbet: Anne Boleyn, Britannica Junior Encyclopedia set, large lighted display cabinet, pedestal table, bookcase

Master Bedroom: Faux Gucci handbag, Vintage handbags, black leather handbags, women’s shoes, women’s clothing with brands like Chicos, mesh whiting & davis co bag, Silk scarves, vintage designer shoes, vintage French country style armchair, x2 peach Henredon accent chairs, Persian area rug (6′ x 10′), 2 vintage Sherrill accent chairs, two vintage Louis XV style painted side tables, vintage French painted vanity table, table lamps, full size mattress and box spring, glass top chrome side table, vintage Henredon olive wood dresser

Bedroom 1: Walt Disney Abbeville press set of 5, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, books: The annotated wizard of Oz, Who’s who in Oz, The real mother goose, Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Books 1963, Peanuts Jubilee, 2 full size mattresses and box springs, vintage mahogany harp back chair, two vintage lucite vanity stools, vintage illuminated curio cabinet

Bedroom 2: Madame Alexander Dolls: First Ladies: Sarah Polk, Betty Taylor Bliss, Sarah Jackson, Angelica Van Buren, Jane Findlay, Julia Tyler, Jane Pierce,Little Women set: Amy, Meg, Beth, Marme, Joe, Victoria, Madame Alexander Sweet Tears baby doll in box, Atlanta Novelty Gerber Baby (2), Portrait series; Melanie, Agatha, Royal Doulton Royal Wedding 1043, Love and Roses Dolls by Wendy Brent 271/9500 Doll Music Box, Dayton Hudson Holiday bears, Genuine Alabaster jewelry box, hammered tin frame, German crystal tea light holders, Precious Moments Debbie and Mikey, Gund Bears, US Historical Society: Living Image Dolls: The Great Americans: Martha Washington, George Washington, Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Antique 14″ Armand Marseille Baby Doll Marked 351/3K, Madame Alexander 2290, Knowles wizard of oz decorative plates, Shirley temple decorative plates, Knowles gone with the wind decorative plates, Georges Boyer Alice in wonderland decorative plates, Norman Rockwell decorative plates, Bessie Gutmann decorative plates, jean dutheil decorative plates, 2 full size mattresses and box springs, two full-size bed frames, antique Gregorian secretary desk, Broyhill dresser, nightstands, table lamps

Basement: The Art of the Empire strikes back book, The art of Star Wars 1970 book, The art of Star Wars galaxy volume two, vintage Tonka teal truck with camper attachment, Antique 1930s Northwestern Products Poosh M Up Big 5 Pinball Game, Vintage Kenner Star Wars Han Solo Electronic Toy Blaster 1978, Vintage Star Wars Kenner Large 12 Inch Figure Ben Obi-wan Kenobi, Vintage Tonka sanitary service truck, vintage Tonka cement mixer truck, Vintage 1960’s Structo Auto Haul Tractor Trailer Truck, vintage mighty Tonka car carrier, vintage Star Wars Kenner princess Leia doll, original Vintage 1979 Star Wars Kenner CPG Productions Hong Kong 12 Jawa Figure, 1977 Darth Vader bootleg Action Figure Ideal Star Team Knight of Darkness, 1978 made in Hong Kong 15 inch Darth Vader, 1978 General Mills 12 inch storm trooper, vintage Fisher-Price circus wagon, deluxe bingo set, Marx power grader, Vintage Tonka bottom dump trailer only, vintage Tonka dump truck, vintage Tonka trencher bulldozer and Backhoe, made in Germany vintage tin wind up car, Vintage cat’s-eye Eye game, Vintage super nu–mystic paper buster gun, eight men on a log game, Bangsite from World War II, vintage Star Wars millennium falcon, vintage Star Wars 1978 tie fighter, Vintage A. C. Gilbert 8 1/2 All Electric Erector Set Ferris Wheel, cast iron toy cannon missing pieces, shoot the moon game, dinky Toys maximum security vehicle, dinky toys ufo interceptor, James bond diamonds are forever moon buggy, corgi toys Swedish jet dragster, Tonka Detroit news van, corgi toys aerial rescue truck, Dinky toys P – 47 thunderbolt, matchbox Lesney ready mix concrete truck, matchbox Lesney king size mobile crane, Matchbox Lesney K-6 Cement Mixer Vintage 1970 Toy Truck, Lesney Bedford tractor with York Freightliner trailer, Vintage Dinky Toys No.353 UFO Shado 2 Mobile Missile Launcher Gerry Anderson, Vintage Corgi Major Toys 1137 Express Service Truck & Articulated Trailer, corgi major toys ecurie ecosse racing car transporter, Vintage Corgi Major Chubb Pathfinder Airport Crash Truck Fire Rescue 1974, Corgi Junior OO7 Lotus Esprit Car, 1970 Matchbox Speed Kings Lesney K-27 Camping Cruiser, Vintage Corgi Major Chipperfields Articulated Horse Box, CORGI UNIMOG 406 SNOW PLOW WITH TRUCK BED, Corgi Toys Centurion MK III Tank Model, Dinky toys  692 Leopard Tank, dinky toys thunderbird two, Tekno Denmark Jaguar E-type, Vintage Original Dinky Toys Coles Hydra Truck 150T Crane Made in England, Matchbox Lesney SuperKings K 17 Dyson Low Loader with Ford Cab and Case Tractor, vintage Mechanix illustrated booklets, vintage Baker octagon table, 4 vintage mid-century bookcases, vintage gun cabinet, set of 4 Milo Baughman style rolling Parson chairs, vintage round laminate pedestal table, illuminated display cabinet, console table, 4 vintage mid-century wicker bar stools, vintage laminate drum coffee table, to Alan white company loveseats, vintage Thomasville console table, vintage mid-century globe floor lamp, vintage wicker chandelier, vintage mid-century chrome and glass 3 tier table / plant stand, vintage cedar chest, Marcy exercise bike, stacking wine racks, vintage caned chairs, vintage mid-century Alma desk, mid-century record cabinet, vintage mid-century General electric stereo / turntable console, illuminated Oriental style curio cabinet, footstools, magazine racks, vintage mid-century stacking bookcases, henredon Walnut bookcase, wicker outdoor bistro Set, vintage mid-century arc floor lamp, vintage Sears pool table, vintage bar stools, vintage Powertoy Company vertical steam engine, Bolex paillard N8 / S8 sound stripping machine, canon cartridge A30, Eumig Nautica underwater super 8mm movie camera, Nikonos II underwater camera, polaroid auto processor 35mm, Honeywell Elmo dual filmatic, polaroid type 668 land film, Kodak instamatic m26 movie camera, Polaroid model 95A, Patrick Nagle originals, 8ft sailfish, vintage medical exam table, Multiplex 4000 slide cabinet, Multiplex 4000 slide viewer/lightbox table, Kennedy tool box, hand tools, wood carving tools and kids, chemistry equipment, vintage laboratory scale with box, Babcock model BCT-4 RC transmitter, Kodak Supermatic film video player VP-1 projector, Kodak Medalist AF carousel projector, Sony camera control unit, Unimat SL drill, Ampro Premier 10 projector with speaker, AKAI VTR-100, AKAI portable camera, Braun PA-2 projector and case

Garage/Back Patio: Honda EB 4000 generator, brand new Lasko floor fan, shop vac, Christmas tree and vintage stand, Hisense portable air conditioner, vintage Sunbeam bike, vintage chandelier, Lafayette Criterion 50 speakers, antique Handy Fan, vintage Coleman cooler, vintage Coleman picnic cooler, floating pool chair, folding chairs, tiki torches, luggage, ladders, Buzz Around XL electric scooter, vintage Lionel Craft wind up boat, vintage model kits of planes and boats, vintage Seth Thomas clock and barometer set mounted on wood plaque, vintage tinplate tin toy Astra pom pom gun in box, vintage Mercedes 300SL model kit, vintage Ferrari 312b model kit, vintage wrought iron patio table and chairs, cement planters and more

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