Poof!’s Mission: to deliver an exceptional estate sale experience each and every time.

Poof! was established to elevate how clients and customers experience estate sales. We are a group of innovative individuals who have a passion for challenging the status quo and raising the moral standards of the industry. What sets us apart from our competitors? We hold client satisfaction as our number one priority. We care about our clients. We care about where they came from, where they are going, and most importantly: how they are going to get there.

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Our Story – Why We Care So Much

“In 2009, Allison and I lost our mother; our world was upside down as we navigated the post-death maze. Amidst the planning and hosting of her funeral and working to get our lives back on track, we discovered we were losing her home and needed to have an “estate sale”. Our probate attorney was kind enough to briefly explain what an estate sale was – a garage sale to empty the house – and loosely provided three numbers to call. We called all three immediately, but only one bothered to call back. So, we did the only thing someone with no estate sale experience could do; we faked our confidence and hired the only option we had.

The company forgot about our contract, and after six months, as our childhood home slipped into foreclosure, the company finally agreed to host our sale. The weekend before the bank resumed the property, they fit us in. We were thankful, just in the knick of time! With no prior knowledge of the industry and no idea of what to expect, we visited the sale. There were no words to describe the feeling of watching strangers handle our mother’s possessions. Not only was the house our mother had kept so pridefully clean now a complete disaster, but we could not shake the crude comments regarding the home we loved and cherished growing up.

In the end, we missed the opportunity to save any items that reminded us of our past. To be honest, neither of us could fathom the permanence of the situation through our grief, and with no direction, we were left in the hands of the estate sale company and the lack of information provided. We received no accounting of what was sold in the sale, and it was not until well after the estate sale ended that we learned the company had stolen all of our mother’s fine jewelry.

Unfortunately, we are not the only ones with this story, but we can work to prevent this situation from happening to others – and we do every day. We believe that everyone deserves to be educated and fully understand what they are up against in such a vulnerable time. To feel as though they are making the best decision based on weighing the options, finalizing the details, and accepting guidance and comfort through such an overwhelming time. This is why Poof! exists. So, as time passes, less individuals requiring an estate sale have to face the hardships we faced. We’ve been in your shoes and we’re excited you’re here!”

– Peggy Ruby, CEO & Co-Founder

headshot of co-owner Peggy Ruby, smiling woman with long brown hair and a white sweater
Peggy Ruby
CEO & Co-Founder

I am the Founder and CEO of Poof! Estate Services and I hold a degree in Art History with a minor in Education. I am a natural born communicator with many years of experience in operations, project management, and interior design. I have been involved with the estate sale industry since 2009, working within the companies of competitors still operating in the Metro Detroit area. Although, at the time, I enjoyed the industry and its potential, the active practices of those companies went against the clients best interests and against my moral beliefs. This experience propelled the creation of Poof!. Since founding this company we have hosted hundreds of estate sales in the Metro Detroit area, have become the model advertising profile for estatesales.net, and have been featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine. It continues to be my goal to lift the industry into a place of transparency and I am excited, each day, to continue raising the industry standards, one client at a time.

headshot of co-owner Allison Ruby, smiling woman with long brown hair and a green jacket
Allison Ruby
President & Certified Appraiser

I am the President, Co-Founder, and Certified Appraiser of Poof! Estate Services. I am often the first interaction you will have with our company and I pride myself on tailoring the estate sale experience around our individual clients’ needs. I have been in the industry for over a decade and since then, I have mastered the intricate task of coordinating successful estate sales with over 80 clients per year. I have a unique combined educational background in Science, Marketing, and Public Speaking which has trained me to be an excellent problem solver and swift in personal item research and appraisal. I am responsible for coaching each of our clients through their transitions to create a seamless and stress free process each and every time.

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Customer service is Poof’s #1 priority. Without satisfied customers and clients, we would not be where we are today.

Local Antiques Roadshow Hosts

Poof! has been traveling to different cities in the Metro Detroit area to provide free item appraisals to members of the community in Antiques Roadshow style events. We are proud to share our knowledge and expertise with members of the community who have unique items they are seeking more information about.

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