Poof Estate Services recently conducted a sale of the contents of my Mom’s house. They did an absolutely outstanding job!! Please see below for an unsolicited email from one of mom’s neighbors, which I have edited slightly to remove any identifying information:

“The company you selected to handle the estate sale is doing a FABULOUS job. In all the years we’ve lived here I’ve never seen such a response like the one they are having. People have lined up in front to get in the front door and cars are parked almost down to [the end of the street]. The weather, although cold, has been bright and sunny letting natural light into the condo. I went over Thursday a half hour before the 4:00pm deadline to see how they were handling the influx of people and how they had price marked and identified things. It was evident they had done a lot of research on specific items because everything was clearly identified and marked. There was a staff member (with name tag) in each room to handle questions and help move items out for an efficient sale. It was all very professional and pretty amazing. Hopefully your Mom’s possessions are finding good homes and will be enjoyed for many years by those who purchased them. I took one of their brochures and would certainly consider using them when we get ready for our next move. Thought you should know how things were going from one of the close-by neighbors perspective. Very well indeed!