I can’t say enough about how positive my experience was with Poof. Peggy represented the company from start to finish, and she was the model of professionalism, kindness, helpfulness, and respect throughout. She answered all the questions my brother and I had with patience and knowledge, and she put our minds at ease about the whole process a situation like ours involved. With Poof, we no longer felt like we had a Herculean if not impossible task in front of us in preparing my father’s house for sale. We did need to sort through his home to identify and claim what we wanted to take, but Poof literally did the rest. When it came time to stage the sale, they had arranged many hundreds of items so attractively and creatively that I didn’t recognize the place! (It made me want to go shopping!) I received dozens of photos of the set up prior to the sale, and Peggy updated me as often as I had requested throughout the sale. She promptly notified me of the results when it was over, and within a week, my brother and I had our checks for our share of the profits. I also received an incredibly detailed list of every item that sold, with each one identified very clearly, the price it fetched, and when it sold. As we had a clean-out service following the sale, Peggy continued to courteously and promptly update me on what was going on. If all this wasn’t enough, Peggy seemed to really appreciate the emotional significance of this situation/process, knowing as she did that my brother and I had grown up in this house and that we were very connected to it and its contents. She gracefully and respectfully navigated matters of business in the context of matters of the heart. Do yourself a favor and hire Poof!!!