As the personal representative of a family member’s estate, I dreaded choosing an estate sale company because I dislike dealing with salespeople. (The first company I called was arrogant, rude and off-putting. A couple of others were very snooty and made me wonder if the contents I had to sell might be too “low class” even though the home was located in Troy.) When I finally met with Poof’s representative (Allison), she was amazing. Her honesty, candor, and love for her job came though loud and clear. She also told me which items she thought might sell well and others that were unlikely to sell (she was pretty accurate on both). Poof is not the cheapest estate company to hire, but they earned their commission, and I am 100% happy with them. They prepared the sale exceptionally well, kept me informed, staffed it well, and priced things fairly. As others have mentioned, in the preparation process, their staff came across things that I had missed, and they set those items aside, intuitively knowing that they might have meaning to the family (the deceased’s baby book and a family member’s diplomas). When in doubt about something, they asked rather than make assumptions. After the sale, they were clear about what sold and what didn’t, and provided a detailed listing of items and prices. I recommend them without reservation.